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Strategy 1

Developing and Promoting Capacity of Local Targeted Industries for ASEAN Economy Community Integration and Global Competition


      1.1 Promoting and supporting Industries in accordance with Digital Economies.

      1.2 Enhancing innovative efficiency and value added for significant Targeted Industries and Local Growth-

      Oriented  Enterprises.

      1.3 Creating capacity industries network with ASEAN Economy Community Integration.

Strategy 2

Enhancing Productivity and Enabling Factors to upgrade Competitiveness capability of Entrepreneurs and Industrial Business Conduct


2.1  Enhancing productivity and promoting Enterprises Industries Cluster to upgrade competitiveness capability.

2.2  Creating and developing Entrepreneur in accordance with new economics system

       2.3  Developing Service Provider standardization to be prompt for new form of service.

Strategy 3

Increasing Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness


3.1   Updating database, IT, tools and instrument technology system for quality management and service.

3.2  Increasing Personnel ability and knowledge management to upgrade operation potential.

3.3 Supporting Good Governance and transparency within organization.

3.4  Constantly publicizing organization’s services and achievements to remain good corporate image.